My "Election Course" commencing my almost one year of studies of the forthcoming Philippine election.

>> Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tonight I shall conclude my "Election Course" commencing my almost one year of studies of the forthcoming Philippine election. This election has provided me much chance for educating myself too - I even read again the Constitution and the history of all the Philippine president!

And as I ended my course - I claimed my Certificate - the vote that i casted to GILBERTO TEODORO JR, sans reservations, sans fear, sans compromise, wholeheartedly and with my greatest exercise of wisdom, my deepest involvement, my time spent and clearest conscience - for this, win or lose, I shall look back on this election with much joy and gratefulness to my husband, to my immediate family, to my FB/Friendster friends who were flooded with my posts on Gibo, to other candidate's supporters I had debated with, to all the Green Team members I got to know and acquainted with, to GIBO and his wife NIKKI and to God who have so enriched me and given me reason to hope so much for our country!
As I recall,
- As early as July, I was so fond of reading Philstar online edition, reading news regarding the forthcoming election, during that time, Mar Roxas, Chiz Escudero, Loren Legarda, Fernando Bayani, Richard Gordon,Manny Villar and Gilbert Teodoro were reportedly running for the Presidency..
- Former President Cory Aquino died, I admired Mar Roxas for giving way to NoyNoy Aquino. The young Aquino got my attention...I started to look for all the information about NoyNoy - his legislative record, related news etc ..I was not impressed at all.
- Gilbert Teodoro was chosen by the Lakas-Kampi ..I didnt know much about this man except during the Ondoy and Pepeng news and that people hates GMA that its a Kiss of Death for this man...Loren slided to VP, Chiz backed out..
- Filing for the candidacy begun, I got excited upon hearing Gordon filed his candidacy, at instinct "This man will get my vote!"...
- I watched the 1st HARAPAN forum in early Dec, Gilbert Teodoro caught my attention. His direct, concrete answers impressed me .. I research about him - I got to know his very high educational attainment and his GALING AT TALINO ...I got two candidates to choose from...
- I googled them (Gibo and Gordon) both, opening and scanning all the links (news, blogs, etc) from 1-100 pages randomly..Aside from thier resume, I take note of the relevent issues, positive news, negative news, allegations, scandal, etc ..
- I joined Gibo and Gordon's FB fanpage, became active on posting questions, commenting, liking, etc ...
- I watched almost all the forums - the Harapan in UST, the Youth Forum in De La Salle, the forum in DeLaSalle Zobel de ayala, the one held in Makati (where only GIBO, VILLAR and GORDON appeared) and the forum for foreign correspondents..I stayed late just to watch these forums live (via webcast), searching/asking for news/links on the other forums that I missed like the Cebu Forum, The Makati Business Club Forum (I watched GIbo's only via PhilStar)
- By February, I wrote my "HOW WILL I CHOOSE MY PRESIDENT entry in my blog, by this time, after carefully and objectively comparing the two - I went GREEN and openly supported GILBERTO TEODORO JR, most especially when I saw his LIPAD Ad! I loved that Ad, Nag-alab ang puso ko para sa hamon ng Pag-asa, ng Bagong simula....
  And from them on I started to flood Gibo-related stuffs on my wall - more frequent than my personal posts. I made sure I read all the news during lunch time, whenever I can (accessing from my BlackBerry) - such as in toilet, commuting inside the train, etc during working days, spent 2 hours for election-related news before going to bed.
  Few friends even teased me if I am a PAID Campaigner of GIBO- I ignored them. My husband once told me to stop what Im doing but I didn't listen, now he is on my side. My family - Abestilla-Deluna are also going for GILBERTO TEODORO JR, my mom was even campaigning for him in our hometown. I coordinated with other Gibo volunteers to send posters to my sister, as I heard kukunti lang daw ang posters doon sa amin. From my own pocket, I ordered Tarpaulins for Gibo to hang in our house and computer shop, paid some men to hang Gibo's posters in my hometown, esp in the barrios (in my absence), etc.
   At kahapon sa kanyang miting de avance, umuwi ako ng maaga para lamang mapanood ng buo via Streaming ang rally. I was so overwhelmed, halos maiyak ako sa dami ng tao - (reported to be 140,000 inside and out the stadium) - at sa speech ni GIBO. Just imagine, I joined GILBERT 'GIBO' TEODORO, JR. FAN PAGE, then there were only 5,000+ fans, two days before the election the fans ballooned to 353,805!!
   What A long Journey I had been! But after all these campaign, all the heated online debates via PhilStar Comment Section, FB page, Pinoy Exchange Forum - I become prouder Pinoy than I was!
   Sulong Pilipinas, Sulong Gibo
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