How will I choose the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines -Part II

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How will I choose the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines
(see Part I)

So from the first Part of this topic, The job of the president is
(1)Chief-executive ng Executive department na isa sa mga sangay ng pamahalaan na may tungkuling paglingkuran at pangalagaan tayong sambayanan in terms of health, education,etc, etc gaya ng nasasaad sa Article II of the Philippine Constitution  and
(2)Commander-in-chief of all armed forces of the Philippines.

So, How will I choose my President?  I do agree with Mr. Rey as he quoted "I will choose my President based on 2 major areas: Capacity and Character. The former because I think a President should have certain qualifications to run a country, the latter because I think a President should be a Leader that his constituents trust and respect." Here's my specific criteria:
1. As per article VII, Sections 17-18, I will choose a President who can lead not only the civilians but also the military. A candidate who has PROVEN RECORD and ACCOMPLISHMENTS in whatever field or post he had in the past particularly relating to leadership and governance.
Well, presidency is an executive position, so I think he should also have an excellent management skills. I will not limit the above accomplishments to political experience though. Experience with private sector I think is also important. And again - experience on dealing with military officials is relevant.
 2. I will choose a president who has SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable in 6 Yrs, Realistic, Time-bound) PLANS/VISION to address the following issues (which I am concern and think are the main factors to achieve the supposed "policies of state" as stated in Article II) :
 I. INFRASTRUCTURE and URBAN PLANNING - Hindi man maiplement in the next 6yrs - Long term goals to address these issues. As for INFRASTRUCTURE and urban planning - conceptualization/feasibility studies level is fine as it takes time to implement these projects. I believe Filipinos should have option to take a sea vessel or land vehicles (tru tunnels/bridges) or plane from one island to another and subway trains within the big islands in the next 10 yrs.I believe INFRASTRUCTURE is the key to economic progress to each of every provinces. Roads and telecommunications will prosper investments and tourism which could lead to generation of jobs - minimizing poverty in our country. 
 II. Quality and competetive EDUCATION for all the filipinos - One way to reduce poverty (1)that not only english language but also other languages such as Spanish, Japanese, German, etc will be part of the optional or even mandatory curriculum.(2) prefers an educational system like here in Japan or even in Bangladesh- 6yrs elementary, 3-yrs jr HS, 3yrs Sr HS,  (3) encourage students for a higher level of education - more PhD's and Masters degree graduates especially for those who are aspring to become teachers, and in turn increase the salary of these teachers. (4) welcomes Masters/PhD graduates/researchers from Japan, US, Europe and provide them research facilities/opportunities so that the knowledge they acquired abroad can be use and apply in the Philippines - I want to see a Filipino scientist recieving Nobel Prize awards in the field of Science!
 III. PEACE and ORDER- One way to attract more investors/tourist. NPA has long been a problem in my hometown, Quezon province. Just recently - during the NPA's founding anniversary - they allegedly burned some school classroom in out town.This is one of my advocies and so I created a portal site and my board member friend iniated the BON PEN TOURISM - we can't be able to attract more tourist if the NPA problem remains unsolve.
 IV. FOOD SECURITY, AGRICULTURE - one way to reduce poverty. Quezon, and most of the provinces in the Philippines are in agricultural industry. Farmers should be trained on more advance farming techniques and make them enterpreneurs- (I saw a Japanese TV program where a group of JICA volunteers whose expertise are in farming went and helped a remote area in Thailand - they taught thais on how to grow plum and make "umeboshi" (plum pickle) out of it - now the umeboshi produced in this area is being sold in the japanese community in Bangkok and other main cities in the world- and so in Japan too). Maybe rent-to-own land can be implemented dun sa mga slum communities sa big cities - if farming becomes attractive job - dadami pa ang crop production natin with less employment rate and less squatters in the big cities.
 V. HEALTH and WELFARE (Old citizens, childrens & womens rights, disable) - Kung dito sa Japan, may incentive (if you are paying your health insurance) na natatanggap kapag nanganak ka due to graying population- dun sa atin - agree ako sa kabaliktaran na pag di nanganak in 3-4 consecutives years ay bigyan ng incentive - not necessarily cash and of course with limitations. Sa Toyama prefecture where I spent my college days, if you stay healthy for the whole year (meaning di mo nagamit ang insurance card) , the city hall will send you a token (gift) as an incentive. Also sana, more budgets on public hospitals to address the continuing surge in the number of health care professionals (nauubos na sila dahil pumupunta lahat sa abroad).
3. I will choose a President who has a good grasp of global economics, and knows very well the Philippine and international Law so that he can execute the above statements effectively and rightfully (#1,#2) .
  Like Mr. Rey, I also believe that the president should be good (or at least have a background) in Economics, someone with a local and global understanding of the market, and has ability to steer the Philippine Economy out of the economic crisis and boost our economy by strategically utilizing our resources - like people, natural resources, etc. Again, I would prefer someone who can understand (interpret), respect and obey the Philippine Law. Someone who hasn't convicted of any criminal case or someone who wasnt proven guilty in the court.
4. I will choose a President who can be a role model and can minimize if not eradicate completely the corruption in the next 6 years, and has a less tendency to commit corruption so that he can execute #1 and #2 
 To be a model, someone who is not tainted with corruption - not even his wife, his sons/daughters and his parents. I will prefer a candidate who has no member or less family (particularly 1st degree) members in the political arena. Someone who can minimize corruption by creating preventive measures, if cannot eradicate corruption systematically, at walang kamag-anak na sasantuhin. Someone who has been/can be transparent sa bawat goverment projects for every process (from bidding to actual construction) - all the way from top to bottom projects. I said minimize for I believe "corruption" is in filipino's culture - it happens from top and from the bottom- so i think we will need a "MORAL" mass reform to completely eradicate corruption, and I doubt this could happen in the next 6 years!
5. I will choose a President who is pro-Charter Change or advocates for structural reform.
I am for a unicameral Congress(House of Representative who truly is the geographical representation of the Phil) with elected President and VP form of government because I think it is more efficient (less procedures), more economical (less pork barrel, less staffs, less people who may commit corruption) way of legislation. I also agree that Judicial executive be appointed NOT by the president but by the consensus of the congress or maybe by the mandate of the people or whatever plan the candidate has.Let the real justice prevail without the possible interference of the sitting president. (Currently, justices are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the Judicial and Bar Council)
6. I will choose a President who has a fair judgement to continue the good programs that the previous administration(s) implemented. 
  I think good programs should be continue, especially relating to Infrasturcture and urban planning. It could also be ecomical - kasi may mga projects na nasimulan pero di pa tinapos (dahil sa pamumulitika) - Sayang tuloy ang kaban ng bayan. I personally think that Pres. Arroyo's Infrastructure projects and Philhealth are excellent projects. My mother is a one of the 70M filipinos who are benificiares of PhilHealth.
7. I will choose a President who has work ethics, integrity, professional, decent, commands respect and has modesty- in short someone with "good character" - A true leader that I can be proud of!
  Someone who doesn't engage in political and personal mudslinging because he has respect to everyone and to himself. Someone who is modest and decent at all times - A true professional in words and in deeds. Someone who can work with passiona and dedication out of media mileage.
8. I will choose a President who is young but an achiever, has potential and competence to lead the country. A president whose leadership is more of authoritative (command respect by taking consensus decisions) than authoritarian
  Youth comprises the majority of the Philippine population so I prefer someone who can resonate and inspire the filipino youth to excel in thier own chosen field. I want innovative, fresh ideas from new breed of politicians - not the traditional politicians. I dont want to be told to "do this and that ..blahblahblah...", I want someone who can provide or at least start to create a place to live where everything and everyone behaves or works naturally according to the rules. When I came to Japan - nobody tells me to take the queue to the toilets or train platforms when its crowded, I do it naturally. I assume those who are working in other countries too do the same, obey the rules in that country - nobody would tell you to obey this and that - because before going to that country or at least upon arriving - you will need to learn the knowledge of the rules of that country and follow the system. So In my point of view, "discipline" doesn't have to come from the top but it comes to ourselves.
9. I will choose a President who likes nature - green trees, green vegetables, green fruits, green rice paddies, green grass, a "green mind" 
  Because I like green and I love the green nature - green is such a refreshing color to the eye!  And so, I prefer that my president respects nature, Someone who has plan and can implement reforestration program which could be not only good for environment but can also create jobs that can make the Philippines a real GREENER PASTURE. I also like to have a President who loves to play sports outdoor and loves sports so he can encourage the filipinos to get into sports and stay fit.
* By the way, I mean "green mind" as "henyo o matalinong tao" - if I remember it right - tinatawag rin silang "berde ang utak". Hindi iyong "madumi ang isip" ha...
And lastly,
10. I will choose a President who is charismatic; an eloquent speaker in Filipino, local dialects, English and other foreign languages; Someone who has impressive image and physical form suitable for a leader. Isang presidente na mayroong pangalang "Filipino" na madaling bigkasin at masarap pakinggan.

Just like Mr. Rey, I agree that a President, when he speaks or talks, should be easy to understand for I believe that a good leader must be able to communicate with his people. I also want to take pride when I see the president delivering speeches in global forums, attending summits and meeting the world leaders with grace and diplomacy. Someone with a first lady who shares the same vision for the country, who is equally as dedicated, educated, accomplished and charismatic as the President. Hindi ako ipokrita para sabihin na "physical appearance doesnt matter" - ang pinoy pa?! mula buhok hangang kuko sa paa ay kinikilatis nyan!

  Maybe you can guess and actually it is really obvious who I am rooting for. Of course, he didn't get perfect score but I think he is the most moral, competent leader who has the capability and intelligence to run and heal our country.

  Sabi nga ni Mr. Rey, How will you choose your president? I do encourage you to analyze carefully, put a lot of thinking and choose the best one according to your criteria. Now its your turn :D

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