My "Election Course" commencing my almost one year of studies of the forthcoming Philippine election.

>> Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tonight I shall conclude my "Election Course" commencing my almost one year of studies of the forthcoming Philippine election. This election has provided me much chance for educating myself too - I even read again the Constitution and the history of all the Philippine president!

And as I ended my course - I claimed my Certificate - the vote that i casted to GILBERTO TEODORO JR, sans reservations, sans fear, sans compromise, wholeheartedly and with my greatest exercise of wisdom, my deepest involvement, my time spent and clearest conscience - for this, win or lose, I shall look back on this election with much joy and gratefulness to my husband, to my immediate family, to my FB/Friendster friends who were flooded with my posts on Gibo, to other candidate's supporters I had debated with, to all the Green Team members I got to know and acquainted with, to GIBO and his wife NIKKI and to God who have so enriched me and given me reason to hope so much for our country!
As I recall,
- As early as July, I was so fond of reading Philstar online edition, reading news regarding the forthcoming election, during that time, Mar Roxas, Chiz Escudero, Loren Legarda, Fernando Bayani, Richard Gordon,Manny Villar and Gilbert Teodoro were reportedly running for the Presidency..
- Former President Cory Aquino died, I admired Mar Roxas for giving way to NoyNoy Aquino. The young Aquino got my attention...I started to look for all the information about NoyNoy - his legislative record, related news etc ..I was not impressed at all.
- Gilbert Teodoro was chosen by the Lakas-Kampi ..I didnt know much about this man except during the Ondoy and Pepeng news and that people hates GMA that its a Kiss of Death for this man...Loren slided to VP, Chiz backed out..
- Filing for the candidacy begun, I got excited upon hearing Gordon filed his candidacy, at instinct "This man will get my vote!"...
- I watched the 1st HARAPAN forum in early Dec, Gilbert Teodoro caught my attention. His direct, concrete answers impressed me .. I research about him - I got to know his very high educational attainment and his GALING AT TALINO ...I got two candidates to choose from...
- I googled them (Gibo and Gordon) both, opening and scanning all the links (news, blogs, etc) from 1-100 pages randomly..Aside from thier resume, I take note of the relevent issues, positive news, negative news, allegations, scandal, etc ..
- I joined Gibo and Gordon's FB fanpage, became active on posting questions, commenting, liking, etc ...
- I watched almost all the forums - the Harapan in UST, the Youth Forum in De La Salle, the forum in DeLaSalle Zobel de ayala, the one held in Makati (where only GIBO, VILLAR and GORDON appeared) and the forum for foreign correspondents..I stayed late just to watch these forums live (via webcast), searching/asking for news/links on the other forums that I missed like the Cebu Forum, The Makati Business Club Forum (I watched GIbo's only via PhilStar)
- By February, I wrote my "HOW WILL I CHOOSE MY PRESIDENT entry in my blog, by this time, after carefully and objectively comparing the two - I went GREEN and openly supported GILBERTO TEODORO JR, most especially when I saw his LIPAD Ad! I loved that Ad, Nag-alab ang puso ko para sa hamon ng Pag-asa, ng Bagong simula....
  And from them on I started to flood Gibo-related stuffs on my wall - more frequent than my personal posts. I made sure I read all the news during lunch time, whenever I can (accessing from my BlackBerry) - such as in toilet, commuting inside the train, etc during working days, spent 2 hours for election-related news before going to bed.
  Few friends even teased me if I am a PAID Campaigner of GIBO- I ignored them. My husband once told me to stop what Im doing but I didn't listen, now he is on my side. My family - Abestilla-Deluna are also going for GILBERTO TEODORO JR, my mom was even campaigning for him in our hometown. I coordinated with other Gibo volunteers to send posters to my sister, as I heard kukunti lang daw ang posters doon sa amin. From my own pocket, I ordered Tarpaulins for Gibo to hang in our house and computer shop, paid some men to hang Gibo's posters in my hometown, esp in the barrios (in my absence), etc.
   At kahapon sa kanyang miting de avance, umuwi ako ng maaga para lamang mapanood ng buo via Streaming ang rally. I was so overwhelmed, halos maiyak ako sa dami ng tao - (reported to be 140,000 inside and out the stadium) - at sa speech ni GIBO. Just imagine, I joined GILBERT 'GIBO' TEODORO, JR. FAN PAGE, then there were only 5,000+ fans, two days before the election the fans ballooned to 353,805!!
   What A long Journey I had been! But after all these campaign, all the heated online debates via PhilStar Comment Section, FB page, Pinoy Exchange Forum - I become prouder Pinoy than I was!
   Sulong Pilipinas, Sulong Gibo
Get To Know GIBO:!/giboteodoro?v=app_2374336051&ref=ts
Gilbert Teodoro: Light at the end of the tunnel By Multiawarded Highly Reputable Writer F Sionil Jose
The Vote 2010: Gilberto Eduardo Cojuangco Teodoro Jr.
Five Priority Areas of the Teodoro Administration:
Renewing the Filipino Spirit: The Sulong Pilipinas Platform
Compilation of News re Gibo
Ondoy Issue:
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Gibo's Legislative Record:
What others (Estrada, Enrile, M. Santiago, etc) say about GIbo?!/notes/editha-de-luna-ahmed/ano-ang-sinasabi-ng-mga-kalabankaalyado-ni-gibo-tungkol-sa-kanya/10150161290490562



>> Saturday, 10 April 2010

Today is 30 days till May 10, the Philippine's  National Election Day! My absentee voting ballot, shaded #8 Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro Jr is ready to post anytime from tomorrow. Yes, I have chosen GIBO - the most qualified, competent, experience-wise, candidate who has a realistic and clear platform of government - who talks of himself and his platform rather than talking about others. He is a true leader - of character, knowledge and wisdom- who can lead the Philippines into unity, progress and stability.

I am calling all my countrymen to support him for the betterment of our country. 
Mga mahal naming kababayan!

It is now just a month to E-Day! Our struggle to find a President all Filipinos can be proud of is in full swing. The light at the end of the tunnel is now visible and burning bright.

It has been a long, hard journey – from “Gilbert who?” to “Sulong Gibo!!”. But from being almost a non-entity, Gibo is now spoken of among the leaders in the race.

Of the leaders, Gibo is the only candidate completely qualified by background to fill the most important post in the land: the Presidency! A lawyer (Bar topnotcher, Harvard trained), he understands the institutions of justice and the law, and has actual experience in the dynamics of peace and order. A legislator (3-term Representative of Tarlac), he understands the workings of Congress and law-making, with a record in that body unsullied by any question. A Cabinet official in a most critical area of State concern, (Secretary of National Defense and concurrently, Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council), he was tested to the hilt, and succeeded, in revamping delicate operations and procedures of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and grappled as no one has before, with heart-wrenching loss, frustration, and pain in catastrophes of unprecedented floods and natural calamities of historic proportions.

Clean, competent, and upright, no scandal or anomaly of any kind has attached to him in all his fruitful years of public service to our country. He is the man ALL the candidates claim to be! To denigrate him, his enemies have to hit someone else they hate and insist without any shred of evidence that that person pulls his strings.

And Gibo has run a campaign like no other. Totally rejecting mud-slinging, personal attacks, negativism of any kind, and the all-too-easy showbiz formula of slapstick and dancing girls, Gibo seriously introduces himself and his platform of government to thinking Filipinos, addressing everyone with respect by avoiding overused motherhood slogans, bombast, or cheap gimmicks for laughs. Consistently scoring high in televised fora and sorties in colleges and universities for his personal charisma, clear vision, superior intellect and articulation, sobriety and balance in his approach to problem-solving, good humor and family values, Gibo has easily captured the informed youth, and his campaign has been called the new phenomenon.

We are in the run-up to Decision Day. We now call on all our countrymen, to step up and proclaim our unequivocal determination to rally to Gibo’s cause, our cause; and to pursue it till our objective is won. Let the politicians play their games. Look at where all the political butterflies are converging. We, the people, the youth, the men and women who love this country, will see Gibo to the presidency.

It is our time to fully participate in the rebirth of the Philippines with President Teodoro, a man with vision, integrity, a clear plan to change our lives and our country, a full grasp of the complexities of governance, with the energy, character, and leadership to forge lasting peace in our land, and restore our national pride and standing in the world community. A man of substance, propelled by the values and ideals of honorable men.

We have a month to do this. We can do this!!!



4. On giving birth, General Hospital or Small Maternity Clinic?

>> Saturday, 20 March 2010

They say, expecting mothers should think very carefully on whether she wants to give birth in a General hospital or at a small maternity clinic. In my case, 
I actually didn't choose between the two prior to delivery. It just happened that when I consulted to obstetrician-gynecologists or OB-GYNs (In the first place, I was'nt expecting that I am pregnant), I looked for a clinic with female OB-GYN . And so I googled for nearby clinics and found "Kobayashi Sanfujinka or 小林産婦人科 " which is conviniently located 2 minutes walk from Tateishi station - next stop from the nearest station to where I live. It is also 20 minutes walk from our house.

Kobayashi Sanfujinka is a small private clinic runs by veterans OB-GYN couple (Doctors Kobayashi). The director of the clinic is the wife (Doctor Eiko Kobayashi ) - a veteran physician who had internship at St. Luke's International Hospital (聖路加国際病院) and worked at Keio University Hospital(慶応義塾大学病院) before establishing this clinic in July 1978.

I liked the clinic and impressed with Doctor Kobayashi (Eiko sensei) during my first check-up. I later learned that they also accomodates for child delivery (お産). The clinic actually, has, I think, 3-4 private rooms and 2 or 1 shared rooms which are all in the second floor.The check-up/consultation is held in the first floor. 

Although the check-up schedule for Doctor Eiko is only every Thursday morning, I still preferred this clinic because I wanted a female OB-GYN and that I can still go to work after check-up since the check up is by appointment thus less waiting time.

Actually, there is Japanese Red Cross Maternity Hospital (葛飾赤十字産院) close to our place - closer than Kobayashi Clinic. But reading from various blogs and online bulletin-boards, it seems that this general hospital is always crowded and you have to wait for hours and that you may not be able to choose the physician that you want because the doctors keep changing based on thier schedule.

I had my two children born at Kobayashi Clinic, so the doctors and most of the nurses and the guest female pediatrician knows us well already. This small clinic gives you a very at-home feeling! The building is old but clean and the food is really yummy and healthy! The doctor even gave me fresh flowers picked from her graden and gift for the baby! I also noticed that some foreigners come for check up and baby delivery here. Doctor Eiko sometimes talk to me in English, especially with some medical terms, but most of our conversation is in Japanese which is fine with me (I mean, in the first place, english speaking clinic/hospital is not what Im looking for).

The guest Pediatrician is only available every Thursday morning,also the Morinaga milk nutritionist and you can ask for advises without consultation fee from her. My children's 1st, 3moths, 6months, 12months and 18months check-up were all done in this clinic and also most of thier vaccines. After check-ups, the nurses would give infant drinks or baby food or sometimes hand towels.

Kobayashi clinic, If I remember it right has the following services and small tokens:

Maternity Check Ups
Even though they are private, the free coupons for maternity check ups from Katsushika city ward can be used. (Same as the infant/toddlers vaccine/check ups). 
- During check up (ultrasound), the nurses record the baby's movements into VHS, and the VHS is all yours, so even my hubby wasn't with me during the check-ups, he was watching it from the VHS later at home. Its amazing that you can see how your baby is growing through this VHS, well its black and white and is 2D. The clinic has no 3D ultrasound device :( (I had to go to a hospital n Chiba for this).

Maternity Aerobics/ Maternity Yoga
Held once a week and allowed only after checking body and baby condition. You have to deposit 10,000yen to sign up (but this 10,000yen will be reimburse when you pay for the hospital fee if you give birth there). You can attend from 20th week (I think not sure though), in my case I attended from 26th weeks when I took 1 month prior to the usual maternity vacation from work (In japan, its 8 weeks before scheduled delivery date). I had so much fun and made some friends. I think we were at least 15 preggies - dancing,  jumping, and bending at a small dancing room in Katsushika Symphony Hills. After maternitybics, we would go to a coffee shop near Aoto Station and would have an exchange of information regarding birth preparations and pregnancy.

Free classes on Maternity/Pregnancy
I think there were 3 sessions, though I remember attending twice only. The first session was a sort of introduction to pregnancy where preggies and husbands were sharing thoughts on how we feel about pregnancy. The second one that I and my husband attended was the demonstration on how the baby will come out and how to overcome the pain during the labor. The head nurse taught my husband how to massage my back and its timing.

Reflexology or Foot Massage few days after Giving birth
I don't exactly remember how long - maybe half to one hour of foot massage. But if feels good, really good! I slept during the massage - very relaxing!

I don't exactly remember how many times - but there were special day/s where bakeries/sweets/cake with coffee will be serve at 3PM -  a light snack. Very at-home feeling!  

Gift for the baby and give aways
On the day before check out, the doctor came to my room and gave a very small token for the baby. I think we got stuff toy and a Bjorn bib. Also on the day of the check out, the nurses handed me a Harrods bag full of brochures (In Japanese) on child rearing, morinaga milk (the smallest can), pigeon 100ml glass bottle feeder, etc. She also gave me bandana (on my first time) that Eiko sensei has bought somewhere in Asia in her recent travel - to put on my hair while breast feeding the baby. She recommends to pony tail or cover long hairs as it can iritate the baby's face during breast feeding.

Private rooms
Although a bit old, it is clean and wide enough, has a toilet, sink, refrigerator inside.

- When the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant, she asked me to come back after a month and told me to get "Boshi Techo (母子手帳) or Maternity Record" from the health center.
- There were at least two major examinations where I used the yellow colored coupon from the city ward - the pre-pregnancy check up includes HIV test, Hepatitis B test, etc while later check up- the examination is the typical one but the physician made sure I have enough iron - i remember they gave me iron vitamins and folic acid vitamins.
- On my 34th week, after paying for the deposit fee (保証金) and a sort of "Hospitalization Agreement(入院契約書)" which has to be signed by my guarantor (I think anyone can be and not necessary personally hand signature or inkan). They gave me a list of the things to bring to the hospital and brought them on the 36th week.
- The nurses taught me on breastfeeding and breast massage, taking a bath of the baby (both I and my husband on separate days) and they were very welcome to questions. The nurses were so kind too!
- There was an explanation/consultation from Morinaga nutritionist regarding milk feeding.
- The clinic provided me a schedule (and explanation) through out my stay in the hospital. My first was I think 7 days and my 2nd time was 5 days.
-After the baby is born, the nurses gaved my husband a list of what to do (like birth certificate registration at the city ward, applying for child allowance, medical card, etc)
- On the second day onwards, you have to take care of the baby, from 8AM (if I remember it right) to 9PM (or maybe 8PM). The clinic gave me a 6-months Morinaga baby diary where I can jot down the baby's conditions and observations- such as milk feeding time and length, bowel and urine activities. Nurse comes every 3 hours to deliver milk for the baby - they do encourage breast feeding first then use the milk if the baby doesnt want or can't suck yet. The routine was (1)change the diaper before feeding, (2)feed the baby and (3) then put back to crib lying on one side (and then on the other side on the next feed time). I remember they gave a laundry clip to remember which side was the previous one :D.
- When the nurses took blood sample for the baby's examination for "congenital metabolic disorders (先天性代謝異常等検査) ", they asked me if I want to know the baby's blood type too - they recommend it so that they can take blood at once and the baby will cry at once- so its two birds in one shot :D.
-On the day before the check-out, nurses explained to us what to do, schedules of vaccines, check-ups, etc
-On the day of the check-out, nurses game me some skin ointment for the baby, medicine to clean the navel of the baby, my baby's portion of "inunan" - it was dried and neatly placed in a wooden box with baby's name, and  footprint of the baby. Again, we had a snapshot with the doctors and nurses (they gave us copy afterwards) and if you allowed, they will display it in clinic's board and website (we'll we allowed ours).

What to bring to the clinic
  The clinic provided all the baby needs such as clothes(actually it was sort of bathrobe), milk (Morinaga's E-akachan because I have pollen allergy so they recommended this one), feeders and disinfectants (Milton tablet), diapers (Merries), wet cotton wipes, beddings, etc during our stay in the hospital. I just needed to prepare the baby stuffs for check-out.
  They also provided the maternity kit including napkins/pads, 1-2 maternity underwear, anti-bacterial wet tissues, etc ..
Here is the list of what they asked me to bring to the hospital - which I brought to the hospital 4 weeks before my due date.
1. Pajamas -preferably with buttons in front
2. Breast-feeding bra (available at Aka-chan Honpo or other maternity shops)
3. Bath towels if there is no "koshimaki"
4. Maternity underwear (産褥 ショーツ)
5. Towels for taking shower
6. Sweaters
7. Slippers (to use inside the clinic)
Sundry Goods
1. Chopstick, Mugs
2. Toothpaste, toothbrush, face cleanser, etc ( There was a shampoo and body soap, just bring if you want your own brand)
3. Alarm clocks, Tissue paper, other you think you will need

As for the hospital fee, As I said, you have to pay for the deposit on the 34th week.
Fee, in general costs 400,000yen - to 470,000yen. My first cost us around 460,000yen and the second, I think 420,000yen.


How will I choose the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines -Part II

>> Monday, 15 February 2010

( English with Tagalog only)
How will I choose the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines
(see Part I)

So from the first Part of this topic, The job of the president is
(1)Chief-executive ng Executive department na isa sa mga sangay ng pamahalaan na may tungkuling paglingkuran at pangalagaan tayong sambayanan in terms of health, education,etc, etc gaya ng nasasaad sa Article II of the Philippine Constitution  and
(2)Commander-in-chief of all armed forces of the Philippines.

So, How will I choose my President?  I do agree with Mr. Rey as he quoted "I will choose my President based on 2 major areas: Capacity and Character. The former because I think a President should have certain qualifications to run a country, the latter because I think a President should be a Leader that his constituents trust and respect." Here's my specific criteria:
1. As per article VII, Sections 17-18, I will choose a President who can lead not only the civilians but also the military. A candidate who has PROVEN RECORD and ACCOMPLISHMENTS in whatever field or post he had in the past particularly relating to leadership and governance.
Well, presidency is an executive position, so I think he should also have an excellent management skills. I will not limit the above accomplishments to political experience though. Experience with private sector I think is also important. And again - experience on dealing with military officials is relevant.
 2. I will choose a president who has SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable in 6 Yrs, Realistic, Time-bound) PLANS/VISION to address the following issues (which I am concern and think are the main factors to achieve the supposed "policies of state" as stated in Article II) :
 I. INFRASTRUCTURE and URBAN PLANNING - Hindi man maiplement in the next 6yrs - Long term goals to address these issues. As for INFRASTRUCTURE and urban planning - conceptualization/feasibility studies level is fine as it takes time to implement these projects. I believe Filipinos should have option to take a sea vessel or land vehicles (tru tunnels/bridges) or plane from one island to another and subway trains within the big islands in the next 10 yrs.I believe INFRASTRUCTURE is the key to economic progress to each of every provinces. Roads and telecommunications will prosper investments and tourism which could lead to generation of jobs - minimizing poverty in our country. 
 II. Quality and competetive EDUCATION for all the filipinos - One way to reduce poverty (1)that not only english language but also other languages such as Spanish, Japanese, German, etc will be part of the optional or even mandatory curriculum.(2) prefers an educational system like here in Japan or even in Bangladesh- 6yrs elementary, 3-yrs jr HS, 3yrs Sr HS,  (3) encourage students for a higher level of education - more PhD's and Masters degree graduates especially for those who are aspring to become teachers, and in turn increase the salary of these teachers. (4) welcomes Masters/PhD graduates/researchers from Japan, US, Europe and provide them research facilities/opportunities so that the knowledge they acquired abroad can be use and apply in the Philippines - I want to see a Filipino scientist recieving Nobel Prize awards in the field of Science!
 III. PEACE and ORDER- One way to attract more investors/tourist. NPA has long been a problem in my hometown, Quezon province. Just recently - during the NPA's founding anniversary - they allegedly burned some school classroom in out town.This is one of my advocies and so I created a portal site and my board member friend iniated the BON PEN TOURISM - we can't be able to attract more tourist if the NPA problem remains unsolve.
 IV. FOOD SECURITY, AGRICULTURE - one way to reduce poverty. Quezon, and most of the provinces in the Philippines are in agricultural industry. Farmers should be trained on more advance farming techniques and make them enterpreneurs- (I saw a Japanese TV program where a group of JICA volunteers whose expertise are in farming went and helped a remote area in Thailand - they taught thais on how to grow plum and make "umeboshi" (plum pickle) out of it - now the umeboshi produced in this area is being sold in the japanese community in Bangkok and other main cities in the world- and so in Japan too). Maybe rent-to-own land can be implemented dun sa mga slum communities sa big cities - if farming becomes attractive job - dadami pa ang crop production natin with less employment rate and less squatters in the big cities.
 V. HEALTH and WELFARE (Old citizens, childrens & womens rights, disable) - Kung dito sa Japan, may incentive (if you are paying your health insurance) na natatanggap kapag nanganak ka due to graying population- dun sa atin - agree ako sa kabaliktaran na pag di nanganak in 3-4 consecutives years ay bigyan ng incentive - not necessarily cash and of course with limitations. Sa Toyama prefecture where I spent my college days, if you stay healthy for the whole year (meaning di mo nagamit ang insurance card) , the city hall will send you a token (gift) as an incentive. Also sana, more budgets on public hospitals to address the continuing surge in the number of health care professionals (nauubos na sila dahil pumupunta lahat sa abroad).
3. I will choose a President who has a good grasp of global economics, and knows very well the Philippine and international Law so that he can execute the above statements effectively and rightfully (#1,#2) .
  Like Mr. Rey, I also believe that the president should be good (or at least have a background) in Economics, someone with a local and global understanding of the market, and has ability to steer the Philippine Economy out of the economic crisis and boost our economy by strategically utilizing our resources - like people, natural resources, etc. Again, I would prefer someone who can understand (interpret), respect and obey the Philippine Law. Someone who hasn't convicted of any criminal case or someone who wasnt proven guilty in the court.
4. I will choose a President who can be a role model and can minimize if not eradicate completely the corruption in the next 6 years, and has a less tendency to commit corruption so that he can execute #1 and #2 
 To be a model, someone who is not tainted with corruption - not even his wife, his sons/daughters and his parents. I will prefer a candidate who has no member or less family (particularly 1st degree) members in the political arena. Someone who can minimize corruption by creating preventive measures, if cannot eradicate corruption systematically, at walang kamag-anak na sasantuhin. Someone who has been/can be transparent sa bawat goverment projects for every process (from bidding to actual construction) - all the way from top to bottom projects. I said minimize for I believe "corruption" is in filipino's culture - it happens from top and from the bottom- so i think we will need a "MORAL" mass reform to completely eradicate corruption, and I doubt this could happen in the next 6 years!
5. I will choose a President who is pro-Charter Change or advocates for structural reform.
I am for a unicameral Congress(House of Representative who truly is the geographical representation of the Phil) with elected President and VP form of government because I think it is more efficient (less procedures), more economical (less pork barrel, less staffs, less people who may commit corruption) way of legislation. I also agree that Judicial executive be appointed NOT by the president but by the consensus of the congress or maybe by the mandate of the people or whatever plan the candidate has.Let the real justice prevail without the possible interference of the sitting president. (Currently, justices are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the Judicial and Bar Council)
6. I will choose a President who has a fair judgement to continue the good programs that the previous administration(s) implemented. 
  I think good programs should be continue, especially relating to Infrasturcture and urban planning. It could also be ecomical - kasi may mga projects na nasimulan pero di pa tinapos (dahil sa pamumulitika) - Sayang tuloy ang kaban ng bayan. I personally think that Pres. Arroyo's Infrastructure projects and Philhealth are excellent projects. My mother is a one of the 70M filipinos who are benificiares of PhilHealth.
7. I will choose a President who has work ethics, integrity, professional, decent, commands respect and has modesty- in short someone with "good character" - A true leader that I can be proud of!
  Someone who doesn't engage in political and personal mudslinging because he has respect to everyone and to himself. Someone who is modest and decent at all times - A true professional in words and in deeds. Someone who can work with passiona and dedication out of media mileage.
8. I will choose a President who is young but an achiever, has potential and competence to lead the country. A president whose leadership is more of authoritative (command respect by taking consensus decisions) than authoritarian
  Youth comprises the majority of the Philippine population so I prefer someone who can resonate and inspire the filipino youth to excel in thier own chosen field. I want innovative, fresh ideas from new breed of politicians - not the traditional politicians. I dont want to be told to "do this and that ..blahblahblah...", I want someone who can provide or at least start to create a place to live where everything and everyone behaves or works naturally according to the rules. When I came to Japan - nobody tells me to take the queue to the toilets or train platforms when its crowded, I do it naturally. I assume those who are working in other countries too do the same, obey the rules in that country - nobody would tell you to obey this and that - because before going to that country or at least upon arriving - you will need to learn the knowledge of the rules of that country and follow the system. So In my point of view, "discipline" doesn't have to come from the top but it comes to ourselves.
9. I will choose a President who likes nature - green trees, green vegetables, green fruits, green rice paddies, green grass, a "green mind" 
  Because I like green and I love the green nature - green is such a refreshing color to the eye!  And so, I prefer that my president respects nature, Someone who has plan and can implement reforestration program which could be not only good for environment but can also create jobs that can make the Philippines a real GREENER PASTURE. I also like to have a President who loves to play sports outdoor and loves sports so he can encourage the filipinos to get into sports and stay fit.
* By the way, I mean "green mind" as "henyo o matalinong tao" - if I remember it right - tinatawag rin silang "berde ang utak". Hindi iyong "madumi ang isip" ha...
And lastly,
10. I will choose a President who is charismatic; an eloquent speaker in Filipino, local dialects, English and other foreign languages; Someone who has impressive image and physical form suitable for a leader. Isang presidente na mayroong pangalang "Filipino" na madaling bigkasin at masarap pakinggan.

Just like Mr. Rey, I agree that a President, when he speaks or talks, should be easy to understand for I believe that a good leader must be able to communicate with his people. I also want to take pride when I see the president delivering speeches in global forums, attending summits and meeting the world leaders with grace and diplomacy. Someone with a first lady who shares the same vision for the country, who is equally as dedicated, educated, accomplished and charismatic as the President. Hindi ako ipokrita para sabihin na "physical appearance doesnt matter" - ang pinoy pa?! mula buhok hangang kuko sa paa ay kinikilatis nyan!

  Maybe you can guess and actually it is really obvious who I am rooting for. Of course, he didn't get perfect score but I think he is the most moral, competent leader who has the capability and intelligence to run and heal our country.

  Sabi nga ni Mr. Rey, How will you choose your president? I do encourage you to analyze carefully, put a lot of thinking and choose the best one according to your criteria. Now its your turn :D

Past Presidents of the Republic of the Philippines:

*****2010 Presidential Candidates******


How will I choose the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines-Part I

( English with Tagalog only)

  Living in Japan for 16 years now, you may think that I do not care to what is happening in the Phillipines - my home country. Nope, you're wrong. Although I have a comfortable life in Japan, I can not help but mind the Philippines political and economical situation. No matter how busy I am - I always make time to read newspapers (thanks to the online editions of various newspapers and thanks to blackberry!) to be updated to the current events in my country. No matter how time is precious for a full-time working mommy of 2 kids who works in a workaholic land and no matter how expensive it is to live in the world's most expensive city - I always try to find ways how I can help my country - at the most that I can.
  And now, thru the National Election to be held in May 10, 2010, I hope my "one vote" could make a difference...
  I remember I got excited in the 1992 National Election because of this formidable woman (who else but Miriam Defensor Santiago ) who I thought could be the best president of the Philippines, I was in my 2nd year Engineering course then at Mapua and unfortunately, wasn't an eligible voter yet :(
  Now, at 35, this would be my third time to exercise my sole right (
suffrage) as a Filipino. Well, I should have had 2 opportunities, but actually missed one for I was not able to vote in the 1998 Election (suppose to be my 1st) because I left the Philippines in 1994 to study in Japan through the Japanese Goverment Scholarship.
In the 2004 National Election, I finally had my first voting experience through the Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV). I voted the late good man Raul Roco. He ended up 5th in the race. I truly believe that he deserved to become a President and that he will become a good President. I never regretted I had voted for him, however, I regret myself for doing nothing for his campaign. So, in this 2010 National Election, I will never miss an opportunity to campaign for the presidential candidate I will choose. 
  But how should we choose our president? Lalo na sa mga 1st time voters. Kung sino ang popular? Kung sinong matalino? Kung sino ang hindi corrupt? Kung sino ang pro-mahirap? Kung sino ang may nagawa na? Kung sino ang nagsipag at nagtyaga?
  Bago ang lahat, may we ask ourselves this question - "Ano-ano nga ba ang mga katungkulan o nararapat gawin ng pamahalan partikular ng pangulo para sa estado ayon sa ating Konstitusyon ng sa ganon, alam ko kung ano ang dapat kong i-expect mula sa kanya? Bilang mamamayan, ano nga ba ang gusto ko or vision ko para sa Pilipinas?"
Article II PAHAYAG NG MGA SIMULAIN AT MGA PATAKARAN NG ESTADO(Statement of Aims and Policies of the State)
SEKSYON 4. Ang pangunahing tungkulin ng pamahalaan ay paglingkuran at pangalagaan ang sambayanan...
SEKSYON 9. Dapat itaguyod ng Estado ang makatwiran at dinamikong kaayusang panlipunan na titiyak sa kasaganaan at kasarinlan ng bansa at magpapalaya sa sambayanan laban sa kahirapan
SEKSYON 10. Dapat itaguyod ng Estado ang katarungang panlipunan sa lahat ng mga yugto ng pambansang pagpapaunlad.
SEKSYON 15. Dapat itaguyod at pangalagaan ng Estado ang karapatan sa kalusugan ng mga mamamayan at ikintal ang kamalayang kalusugan sa kanila.
SEKSYON 16. Dapat pangalagaan at isulong ng Estado ang karapatan ng sambayanan sa timbang at kanais-nais na ekolohiya nang naaayon sa aluy-oy at tugma ng kalikasan.
SEKSYON 17. Dapat mag-ukol ng prayoridad ang Estado sa edukasyon, agham, at teknolohiya, mga sining, kultura at pampalakasan
For the full reading of all the sections in the Article II, please refer to
  Take note na ang "Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas" ay binubuo ng 3 kagawaran (department) : Tagapagpaganap (Executive), Tagapagbatas (Legislative) at Panghukuman (Judicial). For a better understanding - please refer to the image "Philippine government structure".
  Samakatuwid - ang ating ibobotong presidente ay sa executive department. Ang mga mayors, governors ay executive rin. Ang cabinet secretaries ay ganoon rin pero sila ay hindi binoboto - they are appointed by the president with consent of the Commission On Appoitments. Yung mga Congressman at Senators ay sa Legislative department na gumagawa o nagaakada ng mga batas. So, ano ba ang tungkulin ng Presidente? I was trying to find a good source but cannot find one - yung tipo sanang madali lang maintindihan, so let me just copy and paste the following from the CONSTITUTION:
Artikulo(Article) VII Ang Tagapagpaganap (The executive Department)
SEKSYON 17. Ang Pangulo ay dapat magkaroon ng kontrol sa lahat ng mga kagawarang tagapagpaganap, mga kawanihan, at mga tanggapan. Dapat niyang seguruhin ang matapat na pagpapatupad ng mga batas.(The President shall have control of all the executive departments, bureaus, and offices. He shall ensure that the laws be faithfully executed. )
SEKSYON 18. Dapat maging Commander-in-Chief ng lahat ng mga sandatahang lakas ng Pilipinas ang Pangulo at ...(The President shall be the Commander-in-Chief of all armed forces of the Philippines and ...)
 For the full reading of all the sections in the Article VII, please refer to
So, if my understanding is correct, the job of the president are:
(1)Chief-executive ng Executive department na isa sa mga sangay ng pamahalaan na may tungkuling paglingkuran at pangalagaan tayong sambayanan gaya ng nasasaad sa Article II ng ating konstitusyon in terms of health, education,etc, etc,. Dapat siguraduhin ng Presidente ang matapat na pagpapatupad ng mga batas
(2)Commander-in-chief of all armed forces of the Philippines
  So based on the above definition of the "President", how would you choose your president? Actually, I got this question from Mr. Rey's blog "How will you choose your next President". I agree with most of what he has described, but I decided to publish one according to my preferences.

Here's How will I choose my President.


5 After the baby is born: PART 1: Legal matters: registration, passport/visa application,etc ..

>> Sunday, 10 January 2010

After your delivery, the baby is now part of the Japanese society and thus to welcome the baby into the society, you need to make his stay in this country legal. :D

Please be reminded that Japanese citizenship (at born) is acquired by blood and not by the land of birth. So unless at least one of the parent is Japanese - your new born child cannot acquire Japanese citizenship.

There are at least five things you should do right after your baby's birth:

1. Register the baby at your city hall/ward hall (kuyakusyo) 's "syussei todoke" section.

Bring the birth certificate issued and signed by the hospital, mother-and-child-health record ( Boshi-techo) and the seal (inkan) of the person who will will apply for the registration. This must be done 14 days after the child is born. After the registration, you will noticed that the city/town hall pasted a copy of confirmation in the first page of the boshi-techo with a signature from the mayor. Also , take note of the following:
- Birth certificate may be issued only after you paid for all the occuring expenses in the hospital (the case of the hospital where I gave birth).
- Basically, it is either the father or the mother who can do the registration process. However, depending on the city/town you live, there may be other persons who can do this for you.
- Don't go to the Alien Registration section yet - make sure you do the registration at the "syussei todoke" section.

2. Apply Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

Once you finished the birth registration in (1), you can now ask for a copy of "juri syomeisyo(受理証明書)" or Birth Certificate ("出生公証書" ) from the same section(syussei todoke). Juri syomeisyo is a certificate that confirms that the baby has been registered at the city/town hall, while Birth Certificate is the exact copy of the birth certificate you submitted but with the city seal. You can use either of this certifications to apply for the ACR of the baby. The ACR that you will get will have no visa written on it yet and the ACR is quite big in size(unlike your ACR).

I recommend that you get at least 3 copies of Birth certificate as you will use this document for the application of passport and visa.

3. Apply for the baby's passport

Please confirm the requirements from the embassy of your country of origin. For filipino nationals, please see below reference I taken from the Philippine Embassy Consular webpage regarding application of new passport for new born.

4. Apply for the baby's visa

Once you have the baby's passport, you can proceed to apply for the baby's visa at the Immigration Office near to your city's residence. I don't exactly remember the documents that I submitted but generally, you would need to prepare the following:
(1) the baby's passport and ACR
(2) Birth Certificate with city seal (出生公証書)
(3) proof that you can support financially ( copy of Jutokusyomeisyo from the city hall - last 2 year)
(4) Employment certificate
(5) Proof of the parent and the child's relationship ( Gaikokujin toroku genpon kisaijiku syomeisyo - choose family)

5. Update the baby's ACR

Bring the ACR and the passport with visa at your city/ward hall's ACR section.

Reference to (3):
--------------------------- from Philippine Embassy in Tokyo ----------------------------
REPORT OF BIRTH (For a Child of Married Parents (Legitimate))As a basic rule, Report of Birth forms should be filled-up and signed by one of the parents who is a Filipino national.-Duly Accomplished Report of Birth application forms (available at the Consular Information Counter) (4 original copies)
-Child’s Birth Certificate (Shussei Todoke) (Original & 4 photo copies) and Maternity Record Book (Boshi Techo) – (Original & 4 photocopies) Both should have stamps of City Hall and Hospital
-Parent’s Marriage Contract from NSO(if married in the Philippines) or Report of Marriage (ROM) from Philippine Embassy (if married in Japan or outside the Philippines) (Original & 4 photocopies) -Mother’s Birth Certificate from NSO and Passport or Travel Document (TD) or Affidavit of Identity/Nationality (AIN) (if mother is NOT a Filipino, Passport or Driver’s License or Residence Card) (Original and 4 photocopies) -Father’s Birth Certificate from NSO and Passport or Travel Document (TD) or Affidavit of Identity/Nationality (AIN) or Driver’s License (if father is NOT Filipino, Passport or Driver’s License or Residence Card) (Original and 4 photocopies) -Affidavit of Legitimation – if the child was born before the parents were married and there was no impediment for them to get married at the time of child’s birth (form available at the Consular Information Counter) (4 photocopies) Affidavit of Delay / Late Registration (If report of Birth is filed beyond 30 days after birth) Basic Fees: ROB and Translation of Boshi Techo or Shussei Shomeisho US$50Affidavit of Legitimation US$25Affidavit of Delayed Registration US$25Note: Fees are payable in US Dollar or it’s equivalent in Japanese Yen. Please consult the Embassy for the current applicable rate.Appropriate fees would apply for ROM and TD/AIN if an application is made for these documents.

NEW PASSPORT (for those born in Japan and applying for the first time)-Duly accomplished passport application form, available at the Consular Information Counter or downloadable from the official Embassy website. -Three (3) passport-size photos -Report of Birth or ROB (if not yet applied for, see section on ROB)-please present original copy and submit one photocopy. -Report of Marriage or ROM of parents (if parents were married in Japan) or Marriage Contract of parents (if parents were married in the Philippines). If parents were married in another country, one (1) photocopy of Report of Marriage issued by Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate General in the country where the marriage ceremony took place. NOTE: ROM need not be submitted if the applicant’s parents are not married.-Photocopy of the following pages of passports of parents:
data page visa page page bearing the signature of the signing officer Passport Fee: USD$50Note: Fees are payable in US Dollar or it’s equivalent in Japanese Yen. Please consult the Embassy for the current applicable rate.Applicable fees would apply for ROB and ROM if these documents are applied for simultaneously.

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