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Today is 30 days till May 10, the Philippine's  National Election Day! My absentee voting ballot, shaded #8 Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro Jr is ready to post anytime from tomorrow. Yes, I have chosen GIBO - the most qualified, competent, experience-wise, candidate who has a realistic and clear platform of government - who talks of himself and his platform rather than talking about others. He is a true leader - of character, knowledge and wisdom- who can lead the Philippines into unity, progress and stability.

I am calling all my countrymen to support him for the betterment of our country. 
Mga mahal naming kababayan!

It is now just a month to E-Day! Our struggle to find a President all Filipinos can be proud of is in full swing. The light at the end of the tunnel is now visible and burning bright.

It has been a long, hard journey – from “Gilbert who?” to “Sulong Gibo!!”. But from being almost a non-entity, Gibo is now spoken of among the leaders in the race.

Of the leaders, Gibo is the only candidate completely qualified by background to fill the most important post in the land: the Presidency! A lawyer (Bar topnotcher, Harvard trained), he understands the institutions of justice and the law, and has actual experience in the dynamics of peace and order. A legislator (3-term Representative of Tarlac), he understands the workings of Congress and law-making, with a record in that body unsullied by any question. A Cabinet official in a most critical area of State concern, (Secretary of National Defense and concurrently, Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council), he was tested to the hilt, and succeeded, in revamping delicate operations and procedures of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and grappled as no one has before, with heart-wrenching loss, frustration, and pain in catastrophes of unprecedented floods and natural calamities of historic proportions.

Clean, competent, and upright, no scandal or anomaly of any kind has attached to him in all his fruitful years of public service to our country. He is the man ALL the candidates claim to be! To denigrate him, his enemies have to hit someone else they hate and insist without any shred of evidence that that person pulls his strings.

And Gibo has run a campaign like no other. Totally rejecting mud-slinging, personal attacks, negativism of any kind, and the all-too-easy showbiz formula of slapstick and dancing girls, Gibo seriously introduces himself and his platform of government to thinking Filipinos, addressing everyone with respect by avoiding overused motherhood slogans, bombast, or cheap gimmicks for laughs. Consistently scoring high in televised fora and sorties in colleges and universities for his personal charisma, clear vision, superior intellect and articulation, sobriety and balance in his approach to problem-solving, good humor and family values, Gibo has easily captured the informed youth, and his campaign has been called the new phenomenon.

We are in the run-up to Decision Day. We now call on all our countrymen, to step up and proclaim our unequivocal determination to rally to Gibo’s cause, our cause; and to pursue it till our objective is won. Let the politicians play their games. Look at where all the political butterflies are converging. We, the people, the youth, the men and women who love this country, will see Gibo to the presidency.

It is our time to fully participate in the rebirth of the Philippines with President Teodoro, a man with vision, integrity, a clear plan to change our lives and our country, a full grasp of the complexities of governance, with the energy, character, and leadership to forge lasting peace in our land, and restore our national pride and standing in the world community. A man of substance, propelled by the values and ideals of honorable men.

We have a month to do this. We can do this!!!


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